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MM romance with hope, heart and happily ever afters!

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A bad boy who lives outside the law. A compassionate soul focused on helping others. Sometimes rules are meant to be broken... for love.


Helping my brother was my focus.

He got into trouble and I’ve been using my skills in the ring to prevent loan sharks from breaking his kneecaps... or worse.

Until I met Noah.

He’s a good man who makes me want to be better.

A man who doesn't lace up his gloves and step into underground rings.

But I have one last fight coming.

This time the stakes are higher than ever.

What I have to do to save my brother could cost me the man I’m falling for.


I should have walked away and never looked back when I first met the MMA fighter with honey-gold eyes.

Yet Caden’s charms are too appealing to ignore.

As a social worker it's important for me to keep my nose clean.

And Caden is a red flag in every way.

Still, he’s hot as sin and I can't seem to stay away.

I’m taking a risk by opening myself up to him, but I'm convinced beneath that bad boy exterior beats the heart of a good man who is worth the fight.

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